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Url funny13205 hits40 votes   
A killer on facebook
Attention: those who have trouble sleeping at night after watching Texas Chainsaw Massacre may think twice before clicking that link. TakeThisLollipop (literally "Take the lollipop" is the last nugget of the web will soon invade the walls Facebook. The principle is simple: it allows the site to plug into their profile (via Facebook Connect) from the information (photos, address etc), a video is generated, mode serial killer creepy watching you before setting off to pay you a visit. At the end of the day-to-down, we almost expect to have his phone rings. In absolute terms, it is quite aware of what is shared on Facebook. But to see the results through the eyes of a disturbing kind ever materialize the abstract concept of privacy. All this is obviously "entertainment," says the site, which promises to retain any information. Its creator, Jason Zada, who works in Hollywood and San Francisco, says the New York Times that this is a project he thought of the approach of Halloween, and not a publicity stunt for a brand. Source:
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